colossusx-deactivated20140407 said: Do me a huge favour and keep being awesome! it shouldn't be difficult ;) Also I have a genuine question about the eye dude in the third season. Im guessing everyone knows that Bending in general comes from within, not a source (STUPID MOVIE) so the guy who could bend deadly accurate explosions from his forehead eyeball, but couldn't speak ever, Why was he able to do that do you think? was it a special type of training or was it just a phenomenon that people couldn't explain? or hes a freak

Erm, I know that he definitely had to train for it. The reason he’s lost an arm and a leg is cause when he was practising how to control it, he kinda blasted off his limbs. 

I think it’s a skill unique to him though, I don’t think there’s a school of ‘blow stuff up with your head’. 

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colossusx-deactivated20140407 said: Just thought id share a long forgotten hilarity i had while watching this legendary series..
Book 2 - Episode 18. just after they get Appa Back and start flying back to see the earth king.
Toph - " Can we PLEASE buy a new saddle Riding Bareback is Terrifying!!"
I dont think ive laughed so hard after re-watching it... which im doing right now :)

I’m not sure where the joke is in this…unless we’re laughing at the bareback thing. Which is kinda weird. 

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