theleopardsaid-deactivated20140 said: What do you think about Zuko and Mai's relationship? I don't think I've ever read your serious opinion on both of them together as a couple.

I have spoken about them before, but a long time ago. Suffice to say I love them, they’re my second favourite couple in the show. This quote sums up perfectly why.

We always talk about couple’s balancing each other out, but for Mai and Zuko it’s really true. She has the cool rational perspective that he so desperately needs, while he brings the happiness and warmth that was missing from her life for so long. And despite The Promise screwing them over majorly I’m sure that they end up together in the long run. 

# oh mai # royally screwed over by avatar fandom # for the one single ridic reason that you were fucking their fav character # but its not like you would give a shit # so who cares

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