i know i’m probably in the 2% with this one, but i kinda wish they would calm down slightly with the clips. i feel as if i’ve watched quite a lot of episode 3 without really trying.

we’ve had 3 different clips released from it adding up to around 4 minutes (that’s 1/6th of the episode!) and even a moderate fan could piece them together to figure out the order of events. korra’s training, mako comes to visit, they go off on naga, go to the triad headquarters, chase scene starts, equalist fight scene, korra and mako get beaten and bolin is taken to amon’s propaganda event. all of that has come from the clips they’ve released and i just feel it’s slightly tmi? 

idk. maybe i’m just being boring and pedantic. but i personally would prefer if they just had one clip per ep. enough to make us go into a speculating frenzy, but not enough so that we all know who says what, when and how. although i do like making stupid gifs from the clips, so i really shouldn’t complain. 

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