you know what actually, i’ve never gonna shut up about the race thing in avatar. i don’t care if people don’t like debates and it spoils the ~squee~. this shit has real life implications and this whitewashing attitude is endemic of the larger problem in the media. 

how do you think they got away with making all the heroes in avatar movie white? it’s cause some people still believe that because avatar is a fantasy it therefore has no connection to the real world. this is simply, empirically, wrong. the creators have said as much (just pick up the art book), the head writer has said as much and anyone who has even the most basic understanding of various asian cultures can see that avatar is absolutely overflowing with references to them. yes, aang is an air nomad, but his culture is based of tibetan culture and pretending that has no relevance to his character is exactly the kind of opinion that allows hollywood to whitewash these characters. 

so if you think that the asian influences in avatar mean absolutely nothing, please just unfollow me so i don’t have put up with your misguided and offensive comments when you reblog my posts. 

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