The Legend of Korra: Book 3 - Change: Short trailer including both Book 2 & Book 3 clips! 

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Maybe this is why Kya and Bumi didn’t have the fondest memories of their childhood.
Someone take photoshop away from me.
Click please! <3


Maybe this is why Kya and Bumi didn’t have the fondest memories of their childhood.

Someone take photoshop away from me.

Click please! <3

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Legend of Korra, Book 3: Change | Complete Roundup! 


I’ve decide to roundup all Book Three: Change information into a single post divided into three sections: Images, Plot, Characters & General.

Section #1: Book Three Images:

Image #1:



Image #2:



Image #3:



  • Bolin, Pabu, Naga and Oogi appear to be in Republic City
  • This picture was released by Bryan Konietzko on January 3rd 2013 via one of his tumblr posts

Image #4:


  • Bolin and Mako are seen in an unknown location wearing their pyjamas
  • This image was released on January 10th 2014 by Bryan Konietzko and captioned “Prepare thy bodies for Book 3.” on this page.

Image #5:


  • Just like in picture 4, Bolin and Mako are wearing their underwear/pyjamas.
  • Bolin and Mako appear to be in an previously unseen location.
  • Bryan Konietzko shared this to his tumblr page on January 16th 2014!

Image #6:


  • Korra and Asami are training together. Asami looks like she is wearing a pro bending uniform.
  • Bryan shared this photo here on January 24th 2014!

Section #2: Book Three Plot:

  • In this video, Mike DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko explain that “Lin is going to be heavily featured in Book 3” and “We are going to be learning about Lin and her family”
  • During this interview with Wall Street Journal, Mike DiMartino revealed that Book Three’s events will take place three weeks after Korra defeated Unalaq in Book 2.
  • "People will get more Bumi. There’s a lot more Bumi in Book 3." - Michael Dante DiMartino during an interview with Wall Street Jorunal.

Section #3: Book Three Characters:

  • Bryan Konietzko recently confirmed that there is currently an Earth Queen. He didn’t confirm whether or not she will appear in Book 3, but I don’t really see a reason for him to say this if she wasn’t relevant in any way.
  • Suite Life of Zack & Cody & Camp Rock actress, Alyson Stoner, posted on her website that she has voiced a character named Opal. Could Opal be the recently mentioned Earth Queen? Could she be a relative of Lin since we’re learning more about her family?
  • Princess Azula’s voice actress, Grey DeLisle, recently revealed that she will be voicing a “bad girl” who is a bender during this radio interview. She also stated that this character is not a firebender.
  • During a recent Comic Con fan event, Grey also revealed that she is voicing a waterbender! Is is unknown whether this waterbender is the same “bad girl” she was describing earlier. The fact that when Grey described the waterbender said “she’s bad” hints that they are indeed the same character. It is likely that this bad girl waterbender could be somewhat evil. 

Section #4: Book Three General Information:

  • Book 3 will consist of thirteen episodes
  • "We are on track to airing Book 3 with MUCH less of a wait than the unfortunate one there was before Book 2 aired." -Bryan Konietzko comparing Book 3’s hitaus duration in comparison to the fifteen month wait between Books 1 & 2.
  • Studio Mir (animators of all of The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra Book 1 & the second half of Book 2) will be animating ALL of Book 3!

//End of my news roundup. Hope you have enjoyed reading and have learned a lot about Book Three. All news is sourced via hyperlinks in an appropriate sentence. This roundup post will be updated frequently up until Book 3’s release.

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the darkest day in fire nation history

i forgot this happened. jesse was originally zuko right? 

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"I can’t do it. I’m just one kid.” [x]


"I can’t do it. I’m just one kid.” [x]

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The Rift Part 1, 8 page preview 




Check out the other 7 pages in the post. Some really cool stuff. Toph and her parents, Air Nomad Culture and flashbacks.

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dominionoffandom-deactivated201 said: I have traversed through your entire blog, I am weary but satisfied.

i still think there should be some sort of prize for peeps that do this. unfortunately the best i can offer is a medium paced clap. 

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shewaslilyhewasjames said: hey, I've been wondering (since I haven't 'seen' you on my dash lately) are you going to keep this blog active? or you just happen to be busy at the moment and will blog again soon? I love your blog so I really hope it's the latter :)

yeah, i keep meaning to update this blog but i am super busy at the moment. i don’t have a fixed place to live and i just quit a shit job i was doing so im running around the place doing interviews. 

needless to say i will always keep this blog and will defo update more in the future. 

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Happy Holidays, motherfuckers.


Happy Holidays, motherfuckers.

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Scenes that never happened but I wish they did: Bumi gets lost in the Fog of Lost Souls and meets his dad.

Bumi’s dialogue is shamelessly ripped off from Civil Wars part 2. 

(shhh, leave me alone with my Bumi feels…)


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Book 2 Finale Gets 2.094 Million Viewers 


Friday, the Book 2 finale of “The Legend of Korra” garnered 2.094 million viewers and a .5 adults 18-49 rating. This is up from last week. See ratings for all episodes of Korra and Avatar here at Dongbu Feng.

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fantasticplaneteer said: What do you make of Kya's experience in the fog, with her saying she has no family, etc?


That was a super interesting line that and I would have loved for Kya to get some psychotherapy time from an internalised perception of herself. 

But no. The show only had time for Tenzin to work out his issues (arguably the cloudbaby with the least emotional baggage?). Super disappointing.

Kya was one of those characters this season that just sorta exists in the background to give emotional support and complain about Aang. I think Kya and Asami should have a chat sometime. Maybe form some sort of support group. 

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The Guide

Unassisted by any limb from The Tree of Time, Jinora’s communion with the cosmos granted her the gift of Raava’s light. The Light Spirits, friends to the young Airbender for as long as she can remember, yielded unto Jinora, Korra, and the Universe the collected pool of positive energy. So it grew, from the love of a child, at the nocuous core to bear the Spirit of Light anew.

A mage of extraordinary mind and humble guardian of the good and the pure, Jinora blesses the world. She is truly the granddaughter of Avatar Aang and Guide of the Light.

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