The Legend of Korra is the sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender and follows Korra, the next Avatar after Aang. This series takes place 70 years after the events of A:TLA.

When? - The premier isAPRIL 14th 2012. Then every Saturday at 11AM.  

SEASON TWO (entitled ‘Spirits’) is to air in 2013. There are four seasons planned. 

What is about? - The protagonist of the story is Korra. She is the next Avatar after Aang and was born in the Southern Water Tribe. She travels to the Republic City to learn Airbending from Tenzin, who is Aang’s son. However in the city there is an anti-bender revolt looming and Korra is soon swept up in a fight against ‘The Equalists’. 

Korra - 

- She is 17 years old and is from the Southern Water Tribe. She is not biologically related to Aang or Katara. Instead she is the reincarnation of the Avatar Spirit just as Aang before her was. 

- She has mastered Water, Earth and Firebending. Her personality is feisty, impatient and strong willed.

- She goes to Republic City (which is a city founded by Aang and Zuko where people of all nations can live) to learn Airbending. 

Naga - 

- This is Korra’s personal animal. What Appa was to Aang, Naga is to Korra. 

- Because Naga can’t fly I think this will indicate that much of Legend of Korra will take place in Republic City. 

Mako - 

-Grew up on the streets with his brother Bolin and is very protective of him.

- Definitely a firebender. Has a hipster scarf. His personality is controlled, stoic and is fiercely protective of his brother. Later shown to be a total dickhead. 

- Becomes part of ‘Team Avatar’ along with his brother Bolin. 

- Named in tribute to the voice actor of Iroh, who was called Mako. 

Bolin - 

- Is a skilled Earthebender and brother of Mako who is also in the new ‘Team Avatar’.

- Mako and Bolin clearly come from a multicultural background as despite being brothers they can bend entirely different elements and so their parents are probably an Earthbender and a Firebender. 

- His personality is charming, up for a joke and determined. 

Asami Sato

- The daughter of Hiroshi Sato, wealthy, beautiful and a skillful fighter.

- The only non-bender in Team Avatar. Her father funds their pro-bending group and she is romantically involved with Mako. 

- Total badass. 

Tenzin (and family)

- Tenzin is the youngest son of Aang and Katara (yes, that’s right. He’s the youngest, it just means Aang and Katara got busy early). 

- His older siblings are Kya (a waterbender) and Bumi (a non-bender). 

-He is a master Airbender and is married to a non-bender Pema. They have 3 kids all of which are Airbenders. Jinora is the oldest daughter, Ikki the second daughter, and the youngest kid is a boy named Meelo. 

-Tenzin considers himself to be “zen-master” but can be easily riled, especially by his youngest son, Meelo.

- Korra seeks out Tenzin to teach her Airbending, the only element she is yet to master. She trains on Air Temple Island with him. 

Chief Lin Bei Fong (Toph’s daughter) - 

- That’s right folks! Toph had a daughter and she is the CHIEF OF POLICE of the ELITE metal bending force in Republic City. So she is the head of an important specialised metalbending group essentially. 

- We do not know as of yet who the father is.

- Toph obviously passed down the skill to her daughter, metalbending is still probably an exclusive yet more well known practice now. 

Metalbender cops -

- Not to be confused with The Equalists, these guys enforce the law in the Republic City. They can metalbend. Obviously. 

The Equalists -

- The Bad Guys! These people are the main enemy in the series. They are the ones leading the anti-bender revolt.

- Their leader is Amon. A mysterious figure who aims to bring down the bending establishment. His right hand man is known as The Lieutenant. 

- Their ability is to block people’s chi. Chi bending essentially, and exactly the same as what Ty Lee did. This would allow them to render benders useless at least temporarily. 


- The new popular sport in Republic City. Two teams of a Firebender, Waterbender and Earthbender try and beat the crap out of each other. 

- Mako and Bolin are part of a team called Fire Ferrets. Korra joins their team. 

Republic City - 

- Founded by Aang and Zuko, it is a metropolis where all people of all nationalities can live together. 

- As you can tell the Avatar world has MODERNISED like woah in the past 70 years. (But just think what the difference was between 1930s USA with 2000 USA). There are cars, buildings with glass, air ships, roads and so on. 

- While the city is for all nations it does have tribes within it. There is also the problem with a bending mafia who seem to extort some locals. 

- There is an anti-bender revolt starting, being stirred up by The Equalists. 


Random bits of info -

I’ll update if there is any more essential basic info!