xehanorts said: hiiiii if you're not going to be as active on this blog anymore can i trade some of my hoarded urls for it?

i’m actually just lurking. i haven’t watched any of the new season, but i’ve had vague amusement from trying to figure out what happened from the odd gif that floats onto my dash. 

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Apparently, 3 episodes of Book 3 were leaked?? I’m just sitting here being like


Damn it, Nick.


You could hold some kind of awards ceremony for the biggest Nick related fuck-up regarding Avatar. 

For clarity, about 4 episodes of season 3 were leaked (3-6). Apparently 7-10 might also be on their way. I have no links and personally have zero interest in watching them. Just a heads up that there are already massive spoilers floating around. 

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(for tywin)

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"Team Avatar" is available as a tee athttps://www.teepublic.com/show/16422-team-avatar


"Team Avatar" is available as a tee at

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mellifluousmagnate said: I disagree about his flaws being well written for the end conflict: his not killing Ozai wasn't upholding his pacifist beliefs, it was running from a problem - which is a consistent character flaw. Except that in Ozai's case, if not for the deus ex lionturtle (that Aang didn't know existed until an hour prior), he would have been defeated because of his inability to condone killing. His past lives (Yangchen) made good arguments for death, and I feel this issue wasn't resolved convincingly.


100% totally 100% disagree nope. the whole damn point is that aang refused to compromise on his beliefs and values, to uphold the values of his culture that was destroyed by genocide and death on a mass scale. avatar yangchen did not have the same experience and perspective that aang did about death, and ending a war of mass death with one more death would have been symbolically a really shitty ending. aang did not “run from his problem,” he faced ozai head on, determined to end the conflict on his own terms and in his own way. running away would have been choosing the easy route of killing him, which would have been ridiculously easy while in the avatar state. aang didn’t know how he was going to defeat the fire lord, even after the lion turtle helped him. the ENTIRE POINT was that he trusted in himself and the teachings of his dead culture and that is one of the most inspiring things ever to me?? 

compromising what you see as the moral choice for “the greater good” is shit that dumbledore does. not aang.

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The cultures which inspired Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Air Nomads - The Monasteries of Tibet
  • Water Tribe - The Inuit
  • Earth Kingdom - Imperial China
  • Fire Nation - Pre-Meiji Japan

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Nickelodeon Upfront To Preview Legend Of Korra Book 3 On March 13? Will 'Change' Release Date Be Confirmed After Leaked Teaser Trailer? 


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why fall in love when you can fall into a volcano and feel the same thing


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Opening page of The Rift: Part One. This comic will be released to comic book stores on March 5th. Preorder on amazon.
My previous 8 page preview post of this comic (x)

Okay but Katara’s outfit though



Opening page of The Rift: Part One. This comic will be released to comic book stores on March 5th. Preorder on amazon.

My previous 8 page preview post of this comic (x)

Okay but Katara’s outfit though

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cerem0nials said: i'm not the only one who thought avatar wan was super attractive am i

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globegander said: Do you think people would be defending Korra so much if she wasn't a girl?

Erm, I don’t think so. While there is certainly gender politics in this fandom (what fandom doesn’t have that tbh), the fact Korra is a woman doesn’t really shape my opinion that much. I’m aware of what a massive step it is to have a WoC as a main character, but I don’t think people have really been holding back against LOK just because Korra’s a girl. 

Besides, I don’t think people are that angry at the character Korra. My apathy and disappointment in this show originates from writing choices not the actual characters. 

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Okay this will be the last photoset of today! haha!
Shirtless Tenzin it is. I think these snapshots prove the theory that shirtless Tenzin was younger wrong. (It could still be a flashback… maybe he aged really fast but remained the same for a number of years?? haha little far fetched)
I might be uploading a HQ version of the trailer sometime tommorrow. Good luck speculating avatards!

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bthot said: Okay, you've probably answered this question before but I'm not too sure. Did you like LOK book 2 over all? I personally really liked it. I thought the ending was pretty great too.

No, LOK has not been entertaining for me at all. Book 2 had its moments. I liked individual characters and scenes. But the direction the series is going in and the way Bryke write plot arcs now just isn’t my cup of tea. 

I really love that quote from the movie Side Effects which was “past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour.” That to me sums up my attitude towards LOK now. I don’t really trust it get better. Its been 26 episodes now and I’m not enjoying it.

I will keep up with it. I do enjoy running this blog and chatting with you guys, but following LOK and investing time into the series won’t be top of my agenda. 

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This is a close up of the dragon in the new tlok trailer. Could that person riding the dragon be Zuko?

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